Thursday, 12 June 2014

Charles' birthday

We had dinner at Restoran 88 on 4th June to celebrate hubs colleague's birthday. Charles has been 1 of hubs good friends for many moons! A friendly chap with a nice heart, he's still single ya... perhaps due to the long working hours and little family time he could squeezed in... not much of a 'me time' left.
'Jiu phai mai fan' Chef's fried mee hoon a must try!
Yummy deep fried mantis shrimp
Loved this special tofu
Truly fresh steamed fish
Birthday boy hiding behind Ultraman! LOL!
We all had fun and laughter especially Angels after a tiring day helping daddy cleaning the shop (after renovation so his bosses unexpectedly gotten 2 extra helpers for FREE!!!). Anyway, hoped Charles had a blast and may fate quickly gets him a nice lady to settle down with.

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