Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My first Amigurumi!

Amigurumi is Japanese stuffed dolls made from crochet. Majority are cute and cuddly for little girls or just for collections. Also ideal as gifts. So when I saw Fabric Fanatics had a March special workshop with Hooked, I just had to check it out myself!

I used to crochet many moons ago, taught by a friend and subsequently self-taught from books I had. I mostly made table mats. You would have seen some through my handmade website, http://nyc-nat.blogspot.com. So going for this workshop was a blessing for me since learning something new!

After contacting Fabric Fanatics, I was given a list of dolls to choose from and also to decide how many sessions required... all depending on the doll I choose. After placing RM50 as deposit to book a slot, I finally chose Caterpillar which came with 3 sessions for beginner. Since it was a March special, the first session was free so I just needed to pay for the remaining 2 sessions! FYI inclusive of materials ya... yarns, fiberfill stuffing and hook. Why I chose beginner and not intermediate? Well, I have not crochet for so long... even can't remember how to start it off! So I definitely need to start from scratch *sweat*
Some of the dolls available
I totally enjoyed the workshop... got to know a few good ladies... learning in a conducive environment. It was perfect. Took some photos of Fabric Fanatics during my last session...
Besides books, handicrafts is my other heaven!

I felt nostalgic during my last session... time really flies when I was totally enjoying this moment. Really had a fun session albeit the traveling hassle (public transport is so inconvenient in Subang Jaya) which made it so worthwhile. Nice knowing the lovely ladies too...

Thanks teacher Amy of Hooked for her guidance and patience ^.^
Thanks Kelly of Fabric Fanatics for putting up with my many questions and mah fan!
My first Amigurumi... a caterpillar!
Location: Fabric Fanatics @ Summit USJ Mall, 1st floor.

Not sure when I'll opt for another session... but for the time-being... Googling for more easy patterns to practice *wish me luck*

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