Sunday, 25 May 2014

Money woes

Ain't we all? I dare say millions of humans around the world are having this problem, every single day. However the aspect of the problem differs, depending on your current situation. Like the rich, their woes would be to sustain their richness. As for the middle income, to sustain and also grow more money. Like us the poor ones, to make more money to sustain our daily needs and mounting debts. Correct?

Well, today's post might be a drag for some as I'm in the complaining mood. I know, negativity is unhealthy and bad for the 'law of attraction' but I really need to get it off my chest, you know. If I don't it feels like it's eating me away... ala 'killing me softly'. I can't stay positive with all this shit nagging at the back of my heart. It's like creating a big, poison hole. So please bear with me for this one... I'm better typing my words than saying it out loud actually... more relieved too this way.

For those who didn't know, I've been transferred to this part of the jungle since end of December last year. Since then, slowly but surely, me and hubs are feeling the huge pinch, no... it's huge bust, in our budget. Firstly, this jungle aka Tech Park M'sia, Sg Besi is scarce of public transport and food. It is the work place for humans who can afford a car. No car, no convenience. So hubs has to ferry me to work before he heads off to his shop and we have to be early so that he can arrive by 9am. Due to the unforeseen traffic jams, he could be early and he could be late. If he's late, his salary will be deducted based on the punch card. Mind you it's not small ya the amount and no exceptional handling too! For petrol, usually pumped once a week, now we have to pump at least twice a week due to the distance thus more fuel consumption. Toll, needless to say, also doubled including my public transport i.e. LRT and bus. Big, big, big ouch!

Initially, I followed my colleague out for lunch. After 3 months with not much cash left and darken dry complexion with acne blooming, I've decided to pack lunch from home, either home-cooked or from the stalls near my house. It does help a little... at least we can breath some! Unfortunately, I do feel cooped up here and smelling the endless body odours (mind you 90% of the workforce here are foreigners and they seemed to expunge more... the more smelly the better) plus facing the freezing air-con... it's damn cold here ya like 16 degrees! I sit more too hence tummy and buttock diameters increasing. It's so freaking fed-up but what else can I do?

I've become more grumpy and moody... for sure totally hated coming here for work. Like many others, I do not have a choice for now. I know everyone has a choice but not for me now. If I don't have a family then like hell ya! I would have moved on! Jobless for all I care!!! Not now, I have to be patient... *brainwashing self* I believe God is great. Perhaps testing my agility and see how I fare... not good thus far I shall say but after pouring my heart out, I hope to be better. I know, I know, there are many humans in this world who are more pitiful than me. I fare way better than them since I do have a roof and 4 wheels with a beautiful family to boot. I need to be more grateful with what I have but it ain't easy ya mentally with such pitiful working condition. Not only that... if your colleague is also a pessimist plus a non-humane PIC... so I have to work harder to stay positive, to cultivate more positive energy around me. Not an easy feat especially now I feel that I'm 'mentally unstable' LOL! Honestly, I wished I have 007 license to kill then I can start preying on my long list of 'victims' muahahaha!

On repeat mode:
Praying for a better job including a conducive working environment.
Praying for a good business opportunity, hoping for a booming growth.
Praying for a windfall... have to include this since I'm desperate.

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