Friday, 23 May 2014

MDDB 24th May 2014

Dear all,

Almost 100 police reports have been lodged against Mr Bow and Arrow and the online petition started by a Brianna sympathizer has reached 50k. We also need additional signatures for a petition to be presented to the Government. We have also been led to believe that the man is a serving army officer and if this is indeed true, we will be handing over memorandums to the Armed Forces as well as the Ministry of Defense. We need more signatures with names and MyKad numbers for that. To get all this in motion, we will be having a memorial for Brianna tomorrow (Sat May 24) at 5.00pm at Copper Cattle Café, No 32, SS4c/5, Petaling Jaya. We have also printed T-Shirts at RM15 each. If you get these T-shirts, please wear them at every available opportunity to raise awareness of the tragic and brutal incident. The media has also been invited and we invite you to join us in symbolically releasing white helium balloons outside the cafe premise. You can bring your own balloons or get it from us. Please be there to show how strongly we feel about the dastardly act. Brianna was an old and very sick dog and did not deserve to be shot with arrows. SEE YOU THERE.

DATE: Saturday, May 24

VENUE: Copper Cattle Café, No 32, SS4c/5, Petaling Jaya.

TIME: 5.00pm

The above taken from MDDB's Facebook page:

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