Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bali: Day 3 morning by the beach

At first, I thought of cramming all into 1 post but somehow I can't seemed to narrow down the photos much so had to split it into 2.

Anyway, it was so sad when it finally hit day 3. Our holiday was coming to an end. It's way, way, way too short. So we just got up, bathe and redeemed our breakfast set which was included in our package and nom away...
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf yay!

Our hotel lobby... cool right?

Since we do not have an itinerary, we decided to go to the beach. Unfortunately, it was high tide so we can only basked in the sun, watching people learning to surf and sun-tanning.

No swimming? But there were many people surfing and swimming o.O

After many hours of consuming the fresh O2, absorbing the sunny vitamin K and exercising our eyes, we decided to head back and hunt for lunch.

Last post: Day 3 afternoon

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