Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bali: Day 2 Made's Warung

Finally, we've reached the end of day 2.

After our fruitful and fulfilling tour, we were totally beat. We had a quick shower and then... just hit the sack! With our wet hair and all! By the time we woke up, it was dark... time for dinner with the tummy grumbling endlessly. So we got up and head out for dinner at Made's Warung which was highly recommended by many especially for their nasi campur.

We initially thought it was just a 15 mins walk from our hotel. Lo and behold, after walking for 15 mins, we realized it was still a long way to go! Damn Waze created for cars and not for pedestrians! I think I kept whining at hubby most of the way! Are we there yet? Is that it? LOL! After a LONG walk, we finally reached our destination. It was funny as we didn't recognized it as it was partially covered, in the midst of renovation, and we nearly walked past it. The place definitely looked unassuming but once inside, it felt magical. Dimly lighted, cosy and filled with people! We were lost at first as there were many shops inside and then there were many dining areas too! After a few minutes walk-about, we realized the whole dining area is Made's Warung!

Nice and cosy amidst the shops
The infamous Nasi Campur IDR43,000 which was delicious max! So tasty, so yummy... damn I'm drooling now!
Spicy Sate Pork IDR60,000 what can I say? Meat was tender, so tasty with well-balanced herbs and spices... goodness, I have to stop drooling!

Our cosy corner... thank goodness for the fan as we were drenched with sweat!
Nice live band

Our total bill was IDR157,300 inclusive of a glass of iced orange, 2 bottles of mineral water and 10% tax. It was worthwhile trying... nice ambiance, nice service and nice food.

Location: Br. Seminyak, Kuta

After our yummy dinner, we headed back to our hotel which was another 1/2 hour or so walk. We stumbled upon this cafe and saw local ice-cream! So hubs ordered, mind you the waiter was kinda lansi, and we sat near the verandah. Unfortunately, after a minute, the waiter asked if we could shift inside as apparently a group of Matt Salleh's wanted to sit where we were =.= We definitely felt being chased out for just having an ice-cream! Or perhaps we are Asian and not white?! Honestly! The cafe was half empty and those Matt Salleh's just had to sit at our place???!!! No wonder their business was not as good!We were so pissed and left the cafe! We went to the car park next door to finish our ice-cream before we moved on!
The double standard cafe
Thank goodness, after that rude incident, we had a wonderful and cooling night walking back to the hotel. We even chance upon an old man selling many types of home-cooked packed rice on a motorbike! We bought 1 to try and honestly... we should have bought many! It was so yummylicious, just the right taste and the meat was juicy tender. Can't asked for more... homely and nice... ending our 2nd day in a good note.
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