Monday, 3 March 2014

Reunion of ex-Cellini Design

It has been a long, long time since we last met. Some was as far back as 20 years, some was more recent about a year. It was so unbelievable when we finally met as there don't seemed to be any gap, any awkwardness. It was instantaneous, we just talked and laughed non-stop! Women! LOL!
Pretty maidens in a row: Michelle, Avis, me and Evelyn
An obligatory #selfie!
Lunch @ Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery
Totally enjoyed the moment yesterday and now aiming for more meet-ups! *fingers crossed*

We were the tight ones amongst all and kept in touch via Facebook. Yeap, thanks Mark! When we first met, of course we were all single, some available. And now... we are all married, some with kids! One thing for sure, although we all still looked the same, our brain's wave-length has changed... more mature... and of course, more wrinkles due to aging o.O It was definitely a blessing to have known them and still keep in touch. Hoping for more meet-ups soon!

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