Wednesday, 12 March 2014

MPOV: Coffea Coffee

Hubs was looking for something cooling since the weather nowadays damn crazy hot! While looking at the unusual names, the barista actually tried to 'pull' us in LOL! Well, it's something new for us so hubs thought of giving it a shot.
Interesting coffee blend names

The barista was totally knowledgeable, explaining and recommending based on our preference and also their bestsellers. We ended up choosing Brown Coolist (RM13) aka chocolate ice-blended, my own terminology/ understanding, with a shot of Madonna (RM2) aka single shot espresso coffee. The end result?
I liked the fact that they don't stained the taste with cream on top, keeping it to it's original taste. It was totally awesome! The coffee was heavenly and the ice-blended was really smooth. The only setback was the chocolate was a little too sweet for our liking... wished it can be toned down. Other than that, overall, it was yummylicious!
Note: If you prefer a stronger coffee, you can opt for Maestro aka double shot espresso coffee.
Couldn't resists taking a shot with Madonna LOL!

Rating: 3.5/5
Location: Lot 106A, Lower Ground One, Sunway Pyramid
Facebook page: coffeacoffeemalaysia

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