Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bali: Day 1 Elevenses @ Lemongrass Thai Restaurant

We had a long walk along Jalan Melasti once the taxi dropped us off at our hotel. It was humid and the traffic was congested! Browsing through the stalls, shops, looking for interesting souvenirs. It's a far cry from year 2005 where everywhere felt more safe and secure. Now there were many creepy people lurking in the dark corners selling illegal stuffs, smelt of drugs, etc. At one dark corner, a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere asking if we want any drugs! I got a shock out of my life! Luckily dear hubby was right behind me, pushed me to walk faster.
It's actually a bank

After much browsing, we stopped by this restaurant for a drink as we were really thirsty and tired. They were on the verge of closing with a handful of customers but they still happily welcomed us.
Cosy interior

Cool metal geckos
Ice tea (IDR18,000) for hubby and Singapore Sling (IDR60,000) for me *winks* A total of IDR85,800 to quench our thirst and ease our tiredness. Once finished, we headed back to our hotel to sleep as we have to wake up real early the next day for our tour!

Rating: 3.5/5
Address: Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, Jalan Melasti Legian Kelod Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Next post: day 2 our tour!

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