Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bali: Day 1 Dinner @ Bale Udang Mang Engking

As this was included in the hotel's package and we didn't have anything planned for the first night due to the late arrival, we opted to have it after checking in and freshen up. Hotel provided a free shuttle there but not back. Anyway, the place looks grand and ethereal, very Balinese and cosy. My first thought was so exclusive and looked expensive! So happened there were some big shots coming for dinner, we don't know who but it's a big group, the waitresses were a little confused as to where to place us *shakes head* Luckily, manager was there and he got us a nice small, cosy corner.

Our package included:
BUME Dinner Menu: ayam bakar, udang guling, cah tauge, sambal terasi, nasi and teh tawar. For additional IDR20,000 we could switch ayam bakar with gurame cobek.

Funnily, now looking back, we had fish instead of chicken and soup instead of tauge but we didn't get the sambal O.o Thankfully, the food was good enough so we finished everything as we were famished! Honestly, we do still prefer street food as it's more homely, tasty and less frills. Overall, having dinner here was a good dining experience and there were many tourists too.

Initially we wanted to choose those huts but luckily we didn't as the whole place is sitting on a pond hence there were mossies everywhere! Really liked their interiors and decorations but too bad, with poor and low lighting, can't snapped much photos.

The main entrance
After dinner, there wasn't much to do as the restaurant is in the middle of nowhere. So we asked the reception to get us a taxi back to our hotel.

Rating: 3.5/5
Address: JL. Nakula, 88, Denpasar, Indonesia

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