Saturday, 1 March 2014


This year, the Wooden Horse kicked off with a big bang for us, causing a huge hole in our pockets and bank accounts.


Well, for a start, we were forced to pocket out for something which we didn't planned.
Then we were in a minor car accident with a major cost impacted.
Thus triggered a series of illness for the car, cruising in and out of the workshop a few times.

All this unfortunate events definitely gave us max doubt financially and also mentally challenged. It really made me feel so negative especially since I have been relocated to a jungle office. Honestly, it made me thought of BAD Feng Shui as before this relocation, everything was running fine and smooth. Furthermore, now I'm sitting, facing the toilet... yes, of all place, facing the toilet! Bad, right? I definitely had mood swings, temper getting bad to worst and above all, I AM NOT HAPPY. Hubby has been so loving, even though he was spooked financially, he still try his level best to motivate me, open my heart to positivity and make me happy. I know it's not an easy feat but I'm slowly getting there with a little help from Rhonda Byrne's The Secret.

Then recently I saw some tweets about an interesting challenge simply called #100happydays. It got me interested so I checked out the website which was simple yet direct to the point. Believe it or not... I've actually signed up for this challenge with effect from today! I'm not sure if I could actually complete the 100 days but I'm willing to give it my best shot! I've opted to share my happy pictures via Instagram *fingers crossed* So if you are interested or willing to challenge yourself, you can sign up here:
Website: #100happydays
No harm done, no love lost, just a healthy challenge mentally.
Positivity + Happiness = invincible, incredible and rich LIFE! Law of attraction 101 LOL!!!
Keep moving forward!

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