Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My CNY 2014 in a glimpse

This year's Chinese New Year (CNY) is indeed low-key... don't feel the festive mood until the very last day i.e. 15th day aka Chap Goh Meh. Even the Yee Sang was incomparable to the previous years as it was not as tasty, in fact the quality has dropped a lot and yet cost a bomb! Whatever the reason, lets hope that it will be more festive and better next year. Anyway, here's a glimpse of mine, nothing biggie and very simple...

My first Prosperity Toss aka Lou Yee Sang was with my colleagues during our company dinner at Connexion @ Nexus Bangsar South. Only managed to snap the first few and last of the dish served, not because it was yummy but busy yacking away with my colleagues:
Yee sang

Honestly, never tasted anything like it... this was really a disappointing dessert
2nd toss was with my angels at LFF Restaurant OUG:
It was disappointing and expensive

3rd toss was on CNY eve at mom's house:
From Sushi King
Disappointed as there's spaghetti!
Offerings for our ancestors

Yummylicious mom's home-cooked food!
Mom's open house on 1st day of CNY:
Happy to see all my uncles, aunts and cousins from mom's side!
4th toss with my in laws at hometown:
The best Yee Sang amongst all!
5th toss, which was my last, was with hubby's colleagues at Restoran 88 Kuchai Lama:
Honestly, cheap and good, traditional style
Will blog this fantastic place next
This time around, hubs made these!!! 2 of my favourite heaty junks!
Fried crabstick
Fried ngaku (arrowhead) chips
Easy to make yet yummylicious albeit time-consuming! Adding on to the many home-made cookies from MIL, sis Alvina and grandma! There were other cookies too but forgotten to snap and it's all in my tummy... damn... how to lose these CNY fats now?
Cornflakes from sis, traditional kueh kapit & kuih bangkit from grandma, sweet peanuts & muruku from MIL, chips from hubs and yummy dried meat all the way from Singapore!
That sums up my Chinese New Year for 2014, year of the wooden horse. Lets hope the wooden horse will bring us galloping ahead with power and fame! Yee har!!!

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