Tuesday, 11 February 2014

MPOV: Cellnique Stem Cell Revival Mask

Lately, my skin felt dry, perhaps from lack of sleep or the horrendous heat. No matter how much moisturizers I've slabbed onto it, my skin still feels dehydrated. Hada Labo is not helping here o.O Even my shoulders were peeling, like sun burnt, due to the direct heat. Partly to blame is the walk from office to car to office during lunch time, about 10 mins per way, under the scorching sun. I know I could use an umbrella. Did I mentioned the heat was horrendous? So no matter what, it still affects my skin... burning!

Thankfully I remembered the stacks of mask niece in law had given me previously, nicely cooling in the fridge. So now I get to test it out 1 by 1.
Chose this because it's an obvious choice... STEM CELL! Also the key active ingredients looked promising:
Apple stem cell
Coenzyme Q10
Hyaluronic acid (HA)
Lightly fragrant, juicy mask and easy to use. Skin felt comfortable and well-rested while I was watching The Mentalist. Honestly felt like my skin was rejuvenated after 20 mins!

End result: my skin felt plumpy, smooth and soft. No extra sensation nor reddish except feeling alive. Highly recommended if you feel tired... just like the slogan... feel no sluggish!

Rating: 4/5

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