Monday, 24 February 2014

Langkawi: Day 3 adios...

Finally, the last day of our first island family trip! We woke up to a wet, wet, wet morning! Our plan to walk along the beach and town seemed futile with the endless rain. Car-less totally made us helpless.
Our first attempt to go out when it rained again
Our not so enticing view
It's actually heavy rain but not visible here
After our 1st attempt to go out, we decided to go back in to shower and packed since it rained heavier, before going out again. After much clowning around, surfing the net and napping, we were finally able to leave the chalet to check out albeit a soft drizzle. After checking out and leaving our luggage at the reception, we stroll along the beach. It was still damp from the rain but the air was clean and clear... fresh O2 and cooling.

After a hearty lunch and another stroll, we caught a taxi to the airport.

Easy and fast check in

Time to say goodbye to Langkawi with a heavy heart...

Angels can't believe the holidays are finally over! Princess kept complaining how short it was, planning for the next trip already o.O Hubs and I really tried our level best to give them a fulfilling trip with a 'must see places' list. The places we finally went to are their choices mostly except for food *wide grin* 3 days 2 nights might seemed short but it's actually just nice for a small island if not for the unwanted rain. Anyhow, they can go with their friends in the future, this is like an intro island family trip.

Our luggage of goodies
So, the next targeted island, Penang perhaps?

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