Saturday, 15 February 2014

Langkawi: Day 2 Eagle Square

After a hearty lunch at Pappa Rich in Kuah Town, we headed to the famous Eagle Square. You've read it right, we had lunch at Pappa Rich as there weren't many places to eat during lunch time. Most places were closed, operating only during the night time. Go figure!
Anyway, during the walk from the car park towards the square, we came across a rundown market hall selling local souvenirs. Not many stalls opened and the place looked haunted! Except for the workers who were busy chatting away...
The condition was so bad
Princess braving the scorching afternoon sun
Quiet, serene and peaceful sea
The majestic eagle, Langkawi's proud mascot

Princess to eagle: stop pecking my head! LOL!

This straw hat costs RM15, bought it the same morning: depreciation value 0 within a day
There were many tourists in awe with the huge eagle, busy snapping away. Naturally there were opportunists sitting in a corner eyeing these tourists. There was a couple of guys with a huge albino snake when we were there, asking if we would want to take a picture holding the snake o.O Can't recall how much it was though as we quickly shook our heads and moved on. The wonders of people, taking every single moment to make money, which is good as opposed to robbing. Thank goodness!

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