Wednesday, 19 February 2014

For Minnie???

The other day we got a sorry note from Poslaju, asking us to collect a parcel by ourselves since they had missed us. We were wondering high and low, what could it be. I had not participate in any contests in a while now so it can't be a prize I've won. Hubs too...

So last Monday, hubs duly went over to the Puchong post office to collect but he was redirected away. Erm... he was supposed to go to the Poslaju Puchong branch which is at another location =.=

Honestly, nothing was written on that note except asking us to collect it from their Puchong branch which we would have thought of the post office itself and not otherwise. No address on that note too... duh!!!

Anyway, hubs sent me a pix once he had opened the parcel... I was dumb-founded... as it was for
MINNIE!!! *slaps forehead!!!* Who would have thought? I was totally speechless...

Anyway, thank you so much, Pedigree, for the wonderful DentaStix samples for Minnie. I know Minnie does enjoy the DentaStix as we have been giving her this for her oral care which is why her teeth and gum are totally clean... even her breath is clear. Really appreciate it!!! Arigato!!!

P/S: Pedigree, you can consider Minnie as your brand ambassador you know *winks*

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