Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Traditional Chinese Candies

Last Sunday, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this...
Ting ting thong!!! Unbelievable! These are traditional Chinese candies... hard to find nowadays especially since there are so many factory-made sweets and candies.

According to the vendor Cammy, her friend is the 3rd generation who are making this wonderful candies. She's actually helping out to sell at bazaars. There are many flavours such as malt, peppermint, sour plum and ginger. Totally yummylicious! Not too sweet, just nice. Those who knew what's this will know the difference...
Ginger flavour
Peppermint flavour
Peppermint flavour
She's usually selling it during the weekends at I Love Bazaar @ e-curve or you can contact her through her email for orders:

P/S her main take is actually beauty and fashion hence the pretty email address ^.^
Bought these... yummy!

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