Monday, 20 January 2014

Meaningless life rant

New routine since I've been relocated to a remote area:
- waking up extra early so that we can leave early as we stay far
- leaving house extra early as hubs had to drop me off at the new office before heading to work, mind you he starts work at 9 am too!
- stuck at unnecessary jam at wee hours, after 10 seconds from leaving house some more!
- colleague has to drop me off at the LRT station to catch a train after work
- mid-way have to switch trains as our GOOD public transports can't connect directly, also enduring those unwarranted human traffic... those idiots! Gosh it makes my blood goes upstairs!
- have to chase after the bus to go to hubs place of work as after 7 pm buses are scarce, GOOD public transport service, most of the time had to wait at least 1/2 hour for one to come by and all of us had to squeeze in like a sardine can. Luckily I don't take taxis (experienced rogue and 'pin thai' drivers before) or bigger budget bust!
- had to choose the bus type too, always try not to take Metro bus as I had fallen before unless I have no other choice. The bus was doing jam brakes then, I lost balance as my heavy rock made me fall backwards and thankfully sat on a woman's lap! It was embarrassing but luckily no other injury except my pride.

Been totally lethargic with this new arrangement. Both of us. By the time we reached home, it's already 11 pm! Totally no life... just to and fro work... starting to feel meaningless especially with the big bust in budget. Honestly, extra costs in petrol, toll, public transport and food. More negativity in mindset. Others may think 'Oh it is part of life' but to me it is more than that. I really felt like I'm slaving to keep a roof on my house and food on my table. Really starting to feel that. I don't find any contentment at all. Even The Secret is not able to ebb away all those negative thoughts... positivity seemed to have dissipated. I feel my patience is running thin... really felt like I'm going to explode any time. 'Life totally sucks!' is like a song in my head now... even my mood is getting bad to worse. Always feeling pissed, annoyed and angry which is not a good sign. Trying to stay calm, cool and collected is a waste of energy, thrown out the window. I really felt like a distempered dog, LOL!

Not only that, besides the work related stress, I have to endure the mental stress of breathing in body odours (BOs)! It's so tormenting and hard to concentrate especially since most of those foreign vendors sit around us and those BOs just mingled in the air, not leaving the atmosphere! Why don't they take their bath? Don't they realized how hard it is to breath? We need Oxygen for goodness sake! Or perhaps they loved those bodily odours... yucks!!!

How now brown cow? What is my choice?

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