Wednesday, 4 December 2013

RIP Paul Walker

Rest In Peace, Paul Walker
When I heard this last Sunday from my colleague, Ann, I thought it was another prank on celebrity. It was just too unbelievable for such an accident to happen. After hubs gave me the official news link then only I begin to accept the news, albeit reluctantly. It's so hard to accept it, although he's no one to me except 1 of my favourite actors, as he's still young, had so much to live for and Fast 7 is coming soon!

It basically hits home as he's only a year younger than me and such road accident is so common everywhere. I can just never understand why when the car has been engulfed by flames, the doors will definitely be stuck and the same goes for the windows!
Car manufacturers, WHY??? 
I thought the more expensive it is, the safer it will be! A Ferrari some more! Yes, it is sporty. Yes, it is fast. Yes, the performance is TOPS! BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SAFETY??? Sigh! A beautiful soul lost, gone forever...

It reminded me of another similar accident locally where a lady was stuck in her car, frantically trying to open her door and window but to no avail and within seconds the car exploded, engulfed into flames with her perished inside. It was so unfortunate as she was still alive, same as Paul, but was stuck inside. It made the news as a good Samaritan wanted to help her but the idiots in a gas station nearby halted his effort to retrieve a fire extinguisher from them which he intended to use it to break the car window. Really pity her.

My only assumption is that as the car initially combusted or caught fire, the pressure is suck inwards, causing the doors or windows to be stuck. It could also be the misalignment due to the impact of the crash, I know. Anyone trying to open it will fail to do so. It is similar to a fire in a building, when someone tries to open a door of a room on fire, it might caused a backdraft.

I have this thought in mind to enhance the safety feature in the event of a car crash, a suggestion to car manufacturers:
Is it possible to create an additional latch securing the windows? This latch will be 'moveable'. When an accident happens, it will automatically trigger the latch to release the windows, dropping it so that the victims can climb out. Of course, with the current digital edge, you can program the impact of the accident, meaning if it's just a minor one, it shouldn't trigger this. Only when a big impact happens the safety latch will drop. This shouldn't be latched onto the windscreen or back as it will drop inwards instead which might kill the victims inside unintentionally. 
So, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Opel, Saab, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc, can this be considered? Is it workable? I'm not sure if this is feasible, just a light bulb moment that I had. My copyright (c) ya!

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