Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Minnie in Pedigree's Shiny Furry Contest

Recently, I have entered Minnie in a Pedigree's Shiny Furry Contest in Facebook, hoping to get 6 weeks free supply *grinning unabashedly*
The pix I've submitted for the contest
We were so happy when she was short-listed and the Pedigree team actually dropped by for a house visit one Sunday. After a brief chat and photography session, I was told that Minnie's fur is actually very healthy and shiny hence deemed not qualified for the program. The program depicts that a dog should have unhealthy fur as 1 of the criteria. The purpose is for the dog to consume the kibbles for 6 weeks to a beautiful and shiny fur. As such, Minnie is not 1 of the lucky 30 fur-kids to join this Shiny Furry program. Honestly, I didn't realized her fur is that healthy!!! So I was happy and sad at the same time LOL!
Minnie, so proud and regal... shiny right?
Darn, I looked damn odd posing here...
Minnie's consolation prize: a box of Pedigree treats!!!
It was an interesting contest, understood their mechanism so no bitter thoughts here... in fact, I'm happy that we are really a responsible parents and Minnie is totally healthy *proud parents mode*

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