Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Langkawi: Day 2 Seven Wells

After the wet Oriental Village, we headed to Seven Wells. As we were not fit to go all the way up to the scenic Seven Wells, we stopped midway at the waterfalls. Honestly, if you are able to go all the way up, do check it out as the view from there is really beautiful and breath-taking. I've been there twice so it's enough for me. Told my kids they should climb up there when they are older and on their own... without old and unfit parents hogging them down *grinning*

To infinity and beyond!

We stopped mid-way at the waterfall

Our family photo!
Photographer in action LOL!

I was concentrating to snap a...
snail... LOL!
Tired and thirsty... coconut time!

Overall a relaxing place although it was really humid after the rain has stopped. Too bad we didn't go to the top or else it would have been more meaningful with the breathtaking view.

Next stop... I mean next post... Crocodile Farm!

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