Thursday, 19 December 2013

Charity: Donation for Typhoon Haiyan Relief

Finally had the opportunity to contribute to a charity!  

When I first saw this post by Nuffnang, I was excited as I have been wanting to donate to a Typhoon Haiyan Relief. Seeing so many disastrous photos really breaks my heart. The families, the children and even the animals were so kesian... losing everything to Haiyan... nothing left to survive in this disaster.

So once I'm free, I proceeded to donate without hesitance. I know the amount is not big but a small contribution can cumulate to a huge amount!
My prayers and thoughts for the victims of Haiyan. Hope they can overcome this big obstacle and be stronger!

PS: 1 added to the charity list and RM50 deducted from the charity pool!

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