Saturday, 9 November 2013

#memories Red FM Soundsnap

This may sound cheesy but I actually won a pack of cds from Red FM!

I was listening to Red FM when Terry was announcing Soundsnap SMS contest on the night of 9/10/13. I was waiting for Hubby to pack dinner so on a whim I actually SMS my answer! Lo and behold, Terry called! I was surprised as I wasn't expecting my answer to be picked up and win anything! Anyway, you can listen it here as I managed to record it when they replayed our conversation *happy wide grin*

Unfortunately, it took a while for my cds to arrive. As it was my first time winning something from Red FM, I didn't know the process. After numerous attempts to contact them, they finally responded! Honestly, the most effective way to contact Red FM is via their Facebook page!
Finally, my cds arrived! So, so, so happy as I love Michael Buble!
Thanks Terry for picking me! Thanks Red FM for this wonderful cds!

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