Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Decisions... decisions...

I really can't decide...

which design?
where to tattoo it?
what it means to me?

So many decisions to make... since it'll be permanent on my skin. It'll be a second one for me.

My first one did many moons ago at Centerpoint, KK, Sabah. 3 playful dolphins swimming (can't find a pix now). To me, it depicts freedom as in Free Willy at that point of time plus I loved dolphins as they are sooo adorable and fun! Now it also reflects my family i.e. Hubs, Tyger and Princess.
A mini bow?
A swallow? To me, it means freedom again
An infinity tattoo? As a memorial tattoo for my late dad? 

Lovebirds? As in Hubs and me with our wedding date
Or an angel depicting my lost baby whom I had miscarried the last time? Can't find an angel which I love yet though...

Gosh! So difficult to decide!

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