Sunday, 15 September 2013

MPOV: Envy

The book unfolds with a prologue. This happens to be THE ‘secondary story’ of 2 best friends, their difficult journey in writing a successful fiction and how it ended in a blood-bath.

The main story is intertwined with the ‘secondary story’, more on how it eventually unveils the truth. Noah Reed was a successful author of The Vanquished, now married to Maris Matherly, daughter of a publishing house magnate. The couple is always on the news for their successful partnership in Matherly Press.

One day, Maris was clearing her pile of cold manuscripts which she had planned to return with a formal rejection reply until she inadvertently read an entrancing prologue by P.M.E. Curiosity got the better of her as there is no SASE enclosed which is the usual protocol. With her editor instinct flagging, she eventually tracked the author down, who is also grumpy, moody and crippled which she subsequently found out upon meeting him… a meeting that changed their lives forever!

An unexpected turn of event with engaging plots swept the story to another level, keeping me totally on my toes! Loved the way the author double-whammed 2 stories into 1 book, of course related, slowly building the tension and killed it at the end. It’s so surreal, left me wanting for more. Honestly, it was written with clarity, clearly she loved to detail the scenes, making me believed in it whole-heartedly. This is the third book I’ve read from her so far, Sandra never ceased to amaze and enthrals me.

Rating: 9/10
Author: Sandra Brown

Genre: suspense, thriller

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