Thursday, 29 August 2013

MPOV: At Risk

A ‘one-off’ from the best-selling creator of the Dr Kay Scarpetta series, based on the serialisation in the New York Times. Moving between the chill of Cambridge, Massachusetts and the sultry humidity of Knoxville, Tennessee, Winston Garano, a police investigator, is instructed to look into a twenty-year-old murder case. Although Win reckons there are many more pressing current cases which should have higher priority, he gets on with the task, unaware of the can of worms he will prise open. With her hallmark qualities of deft characterisation, perfect research and tense story-telling, Patricia Cornwell has created a novel which entertains, intrigues and satisfies.

The above taken from Google Books.

It felt as though it's been written hastily, kinda dull at some point. Totally preferred the Scarpetta series  instead. I kept flipping through the pages as the story was not intriguing enough and didn't keep me engaged, only at some point like when Win found his boss, Monique, bound and naked, taken by an ex-prisoner in her own home. Interestingly, the storyline was predictable hence we can guess the ending.

Rating: 5/10
Genre: mystery, detective, fiction
Author: Patricia Cornwell

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