Tuesday, 30 July 2013

MPOV: Yip Kee Noodle House

We were hunting for dinner after work when we discovered this newly opened restaurant. It looks clean and inviting hence prompted us to try it out.

We kinda regretted our decision because:
  1. As soon as we were given the menus, the staff told us they are closing soon i.e. 9.30pm which happened to be the time we stepped in. Furthermore there were still some customers in the shop without food yet so what’s the meaning of this? We wanted to leave but he insisted we will still be served and not wanting us to go o.O
  2. After placing our orders, another staff served our food but in a very unwelcome/ unfriendly manner. She sounded frustrated basically, perhaps at us for coming in late and she can’t leave on time?
  3. After finishing our food in record time (15 mins to gobble down!), we were about to call for bill when the same unfriendly staff gave us our bill with the same impatient ‘we are closing now so please pay first’ gesture.

Honestly, it was definitely a very bad first time experience. If you do not wish to serve last minute customers then please by all means just tell us!!! Hubby did asked if they are closing before we stepped in… and they quickly gestured us to come in instead of telling us otherwise! They should also tell us subtly about the closing time instead of upon ordering i.e. after drinks were served, can ask for last order as they are closing… that would have sounded much better! Come on… it’s plain and simple courtesy!

Anyway, back to food, we ordered:
Steamed chicken rice RM7.90 – hubby said the chicken was bland, tasteless
Shrimp/ pork dumpling noodle RM7 – the minced meat inside tasted bland except for the sudden pungent taste of Chinese parsley. Luckily the texture of the noodle was springy and nice.
After we exited, they immediately pulled the doors closed =.=

Overall, it tasted ordinary, similar to any ordinary hawker fares outside which are much cheaper, by the way. The only plus point is it’s air-conditioned. Nothing else to critic, well, since we gobbled down our food instead of chewing and enjoying it. Total bill was RM17.30 inclusive of 2 glasses of Chinese tea (RM1.20 each – they use quality tea leaves so it’s a plus point here).

Location: 20, Jalan SS14/2, Subang Jaya

Rating: 5/10 (Non-halal)

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