Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Just June...

OK, this time I remember *grinning*

From top left:
  1. Just did pedicure at Lisa Beauty, Summit USJ Mall. Back to my favourite colour for my birthday month, OPI H048
  2. The morning sun was affected by haze too!
  3. Another hazy morning sun
  4. Totally loved this moisturizing body wash but it's available only overseas I guess. Saw the fine print that it's made in Italy
  5. Nice bonsai at Mid Valley
  6. A matte Mitsubishi concept G4 car
  7. My pride and joy from dad
  8. My favourite lychee from Ann!
  9. My blooming pineapple, another pride and joy from MIL
  10. Yummylicious home-made 'bak chang'
  11. MIL in the midst of making 'bak chang'
  12. Tyger and me
  13. Principessa and me
  14. A cool Ferrari
  15. A view from Old Town White Coffee, Summit USJ Mall
  16. A Friday morning sky
  17. Furiously stunning Audi R8!
  18. An evening sky
  19. Yummy Rakuzen's Japanese comfort food!
  20. Amazing view from Moonlight Bay, Batu Ferringhi!

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