Thursday, 18 July 2013

Birthday momentoes

I'm surprised and blessed this year with so many greetings received on my birthday. It was unexpected as I kept a low profile and usually it will not be caught on with the usual few wishes in Facebook. Anyway, it made my day and I guess it does feel nice to be acknowledged a year older with so many thoughtful and blessed wishes via Facebook, Google+ and Chats. Talk about social media power!

Anyway, as usual, to reminisce what I've gotten for my big Four-One:
  • Sis was the first, much earlier, gave me some beautiful lingerie's from which I totally loved! Comfy, inexpensive and fits perfectly!
  • Hubby then got me this wonderful power bank, now my lifesaver! *winks*
  • Hubby also got me this lovely bag which I adored... he knows I love feminine, classy designs
  • Charles, hubby's colleague, got me my first birthday cake! It's so yummy from Secret Recipe!
  • Ann and Eric gave me a Starbuck's tumbler!!!
  • and also a sweet dessert treat... *grinning unabashedly*
  • Dinner time @ Chicago Rib House, 1 Utama. They even gave me a small brownie cake and sang the birthday song!!! Will blogged about it more in another post.
  • To end the night, we watched Despicable Me 2!!!
*Happy sigh!* It was truly a memorable day... I wished the night would never end... oh yeah! I actually bought some Hokkaido cakes to treat my colleagues a few days in advance. Just a 'thank you' treat for all... hoped they had enjoyed it as much as I do!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much to all my dear friends, colleagues and family for all the wonderful wishes and gifts! It totally made my day! Honestly!!!
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