Thursday, 13 June 2013

Penang: a weekend getaway part 2

Part/ Day 2 was a relieved as we got to go out!!! Thanks to bro Chris! Or else we would have been holed up in the bungalow through out the trip!

We decided to go to Kek Lok Si Temple, a well known Buddhist temple in Ayer Itam. It happens to be the largest Buddhist temple in South East Asia too. Funny thing was the weather was hot and sunny the whole time except for this morning when we decided to go out *rolled eyes*

It started raining when we reached the newly built Goddess of Mercy section
Traveling down the elevated tram from the Goddess of Mercy section
I've been to Penang countless times but this is the first time I've been to the temple. It was breathtakingly beautiful and serenely peaceful. Loved the holy ambiance, made me feel more devoted too. It's a definite must go when you are in Penang.

Dinner time, Auntie Jo wanted to try Peranakan food so cousin Jenna suggested this Restaurant Pinang Peranakan. Another chance to go out! No photos of food here as we were busy bonding and eating! In summary, it was yummylicious!

After dinner, some went to Gurney Drive and some went back to the bungalow, like us since we were tired. Funny thing was when we reached the guard house, they didn't let us through! Apparently someone left a message that no one was home and the guard literally doesn't allow us to go through! We reasoned that our aunt has gone home and even called uncle to reaffirm that they are in the bungalow, then only they allow us to pass. After about 1/2 hour, they actually came and rang the door bell, just to be sure we are not thieves!!! *rolls eyes* Talking about strict security! What a funny night, to end in such manner...

Anyway, last day next...

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