Friday, 7 June 2013

Penang: a weekend getaway part 1

Auntie Jo was due to visit us from London, something she has been wanting to do since my dad passed away. Arrangements were made and finally the day came where all of us, cousins and aunties and uncle, make way to Penang. Well, it's our hometown so it is logical to have the clan gathering there. We were lucky Auntie Jo's friend owns a bungalow at Batu Ferringhi where most of us stayed and gathered there.

Definitely a lovely, quality weekend with angels but without hubby so we were 'transport-less', making it difficult for us to tour Penang. Hubby can't make it as he was not able to take leave... sigh! Most of the time was spent at the bungalow, catching up with all the relatives and relax... though it wasn't true as I had to keep climbing up and down the staircase which was tiring! It's 6 storeys high and we weren't allowed to use the elevator (Auntie Jo has set the rule where it's only available for over 60 years old)!

Anyway, managed to snap some nice shots hence the picture-blog here... will split it into 3 posts and here's day 1:
Princess lounging at the lower level
The scenic beauty!
Breathtakingly beautiful!
Wished hubby was here too...
Interestingly a praying mantis also joined us
Cousin Jino and wife Dolly
Just like a Spanish villa!
Princess, Tyger and sis swimming at the pool with cousin Nic during the evening
A sight to behold
Uncle, aunties and cousins lounging at the balcony while waiting for our BBQ dinner
Dolly prepping up Auntie Jo
Some of the famous Nyonya kuihs for dessert
Cousins preparing the main course
Cousins busy BBQ-ing
Me, Auntie Judy, mom and sis
Me, Princess, Tyger with Auntie Jo
Pretty cousins in a row :-)
Our family photo with Auntie Jo and her daughter Phillipa
Erm... bonding over Moscato time!
The clan! Erm... 3/4 of it actually... some can't make it
Such a beautiful night, enjoyed the bonding time we shared and the GOOD Penang food! From mee goreng sotong to sate to fried rice and Nyonya kuihs... all thanks to cuz Jenna, sourcing all the yummylicious and famous food from all over Penang! Totally loved every minute of it though it was tiring by the time we hit the sack.

Part/ Day 2 next...

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