Monday, 24 June 2013

OMG! My shoe is stuck!

Some of you may not have seen such image in your lifetime but I have seen it a few times at Summit USJ Mall as my booth is facing the escalator. It is usually the wearer's fault where they don't raise their feet upon reaching the end of the escalator or they didn't stand in the middle of the steps properly. No casualties so far but it definitely felt so eerie and scary! Why the ignorance? Were they not educated of the importance and safety? I just don't understand it. Luckily, during those few times, the shoe's sole is thick thus injury was prevented.

So please people, lift your feet once you reached the end of the escalator to move on and not let it slide over as the sole might get caught and swallowed by the escalator! Prevention is better than cure!

PS: it's not my shoe ya...

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