Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bangkok: Last Day

OK! I'm getting old already! I actually forgot this last post totally until I was clearing up my draft folder. I was like 'there you are!' *slaps forehead*

Anyway, our last day here... wasn't happy leaving too soon! If only we could vacation for a whole month instead of 3 miserable days... sigh! Well, we have bills to pay and mouths to feed so... *wishful thinking*
Our healthy breakfast at the hotel
OTW to the Grand Palace in a tuk tuk
Outskirt of the Grand Palace
I know we had to be properly attired in order to visit the Grand Palace so I came prepared with a cardigan. Unfortunately, hubby was considered under-dressed in bermuda so we ended up not going into the palace. We were surprised as many of our Thai friends claimed that bermuda is allowed. Hmmm... go figure.
Wat Pho
Inside of Wat Pho
After skirting around, we came across Wat Pho aka Temple of the Reclining Buddha which is nearby the Grand Palace. We spent quite a while here, taking loads of photos (only uploaded a few here as too tired Photoscaping it) and admiring the beautiful architecture. It costs 30Baht per pax per entry.

After a tiring and hot walkabout, we headed to MBK for a late lunch. Honestly, the food court has a variety of delicious Thai food, good enough and cheap without having to scour the streets of Bangkok! Furthermore, it's air-conditioned! After lunch, we headed to our usual massage parlour which is nearby our hotel.
MBK food court, Lemongrass massage and finally Don Muang airport
Lemongrass is clean and the masseuse are experienced which is why we always come back here for our usual massages. It's totally relaxing and we feel light-headed after a good massage. Totally worth it!

After massage, with a heavy heart, we headed back to our hotel to collect our luggage and hail a cab to the airport. It was a sombre mood, whilst the thought of going back to reality finally sink in our minds. Can't wait for another trip here since there are still so many places we haven't been to. Also, need to add in other famous landscapes into our itinerary such as Chiang Mai, Pattaya, etc.

Last but not least, caught this at the Don Muang airport while waiting for our flight. As a Malaysian, I totally felt appalled by her behaviour... rude and unethical to allow her hair to spread across another person's chair, causing the lady foreigner not able to lean against her seat. She kept looking, aghast at this woman's behaviour and waiting for the hair to disappear so that she can sit properly. She was so kind as not to sound this woman. I do pity this lady foreigner...

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