Monday, 20 May 2013

MPOV: Oblivion

In the year 2077, Tech 49 Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is one of the last drone repairmen stationed on Earth. The planet was nearly destroyed sixty years earlier, during a war with a race of alien invaders known as Scavengers ("Scavs"). The Scavs destroyed the moon, causing massive earthquakes and tsunamis, and then launched their invasion. They were only defeated by the use of nuclear weapons, which left most of the planet irradiated and unlivable. The few surviving humans migrated to a colony on Titan, which is powered using energy harvested on Earth by giant ocean-borne power stations that generate fusion power from seawater. From Tower 49, a base standing above the remains of the northeastern United States, Jack and his partner Victoria "Vic" Olsen (Andrea Riseborough), with whom he is romantically involved, work as a team to maintain the autonomous drones that defend the power stations from the few remaining Scav bandits. They receive their orders from Sally, their mission commander, who is stationed on the "Tet", a massive tetrahedral space station that orbits the Earth. Jack flies recon and repair missions to the surface, while Vic supervises from Tower 49. The two expect to leave Earth and join the other survivors on Titan in two weeks. Although Jack and Vic had their memories wiped five years prior for security purposes, Jack has recurring dreams about meeting a mysterious woman at the Empire State Building in a time before the war, which occurred before he was born. Additionally, Jack keeps a secret retreat in a forested area on the surface he sometimes visits.

The above taken from Wikipedia.

Another interesting Sci-fi plot which is quite slow at the starting but picks up in the middle and rushed towards the end. The adrenaline was evenly rushed and I did enjoy the movie in the end. Do ensure you are wide awake while watching this as it requires a wide attention span.
Rating: 7/10
Category: Science Fiction
Director: Joseph Kosinski
Casts: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko

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