Sunday, 5 May 2013

GE13: 5th May 2013

Well, I don't usually blog about politics as I deemed it as child's play, especially since it seemed like one here. Also, my blog is an e-diary of my favourite things and hobby be it my family or travel or critic.

As such, I just want to say that I do hope you all have voted wisely and not listen to all the nonsense on TV or social media, just listen to your heart, in what you believe in which is right. I know I did so whichever party wins or lose, I know I have done my part and hoped for the best.

Waiting for the result tonight is damning but lets just pray and hope that the right party wins without any hitch and uproar. May peace be with us all for the next 5 years.

FYI, this time around it took me nearly 2 hours to queue at 3 different points before going into the classroom to vote. The previous one, 5 years ago, took me a mere 10 mins =.=

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