Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bangkok: Day 2

Sorry for the long lapse and late continuation of this post as, believe it or not, my thumb drive was corrupted! All the edited photos gone! So I had to find time to re-edit the photos again via Photoscape, sigh! Anyway, thankfully the originals were stored elsewhere...

Day 2, we were supposed to wake up at 5am as the tour van was supposed to collect us at 6am for our half day trip to the floating village but we overslept!!! Our handphones (ya, there were 2) totally failed us!!! Reception woke us up, saying our guide is here and boy, we were so damn rushed!!! From brushing our teeth to dressing up and rushed downstairs!!! Thankfully, tour guide wasn't mad at us *wide grin*phew!

It's our first visit to the infamous Damnoensaduak Floating Market and apparently it's a steal at 1400 Baht for 2 pax inclusive of transport from and to the hotel, a visit to the Elephant Village and Cobra Show. We actually bought this package at the Don Muang airport upon arrival while scouting for taxis.

The van ride to the market was really long! More than an hour! When we finally reached the destination, we were elated! There were 2 boat rides involved here. 1 from the pier to the market and the other is around the market itself. Both boat rides were exhilarating! We finally had our late brunch here and it was really good although a little costly with unmatching portions. We even noticed some vendors priced according to their liking i.e. not fixed o.O

100 Baht for that basket of banana!
We headed for the Elephant Village next and quickly hopped on for the elephant ride! It's 1 of our must do list. TBH, it was damn scary!!! I practically held on tightly until my knuckles were white as I was so afraid I'll topple off! I was practically giggling all the way because of this funny, jerky and uncomfortable ride!

Next was the Cobra Show. Hubby took a lot of photos here but I was just too lazy to sort it hence just the facade will do. The cobra show was similar like those we saw on TV so you get the drift lah how the show was like *angel* Btw, it cost 70 Baht per person here.

The last leg before switching van so that they can send us to MBK (we wanted to eat first before heading back to the hotel). It's a wood carving center but can't recall it's actual name...

Yummy late lunch @ MBK Kopitiam!
Yummy dinner @ Huay Kwang night market (except for the ants and eggs ya)
It was relaxing towards the night as we had a short nap before going for dinner. I just loved the night market here! Cheap with lots of varieties and so alive! Salons and manicures/pedicures only opened at night until very, very late! How cool is that? I can totally get used to the life here! Except for the language though... I'm not a fan of foreign languages hence I find it difficult to learn...

A pix of our lovely room which I totally loved!
Day 3 next...

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