Monday, 11 March 2013

MPOV: Oz the Great and Powerful (3D)

The movie started with Oscar convincing a new assistant on her upcoming performance. However, during the performance, it didn't go smoothly as planned as the assistant forgot her part. It went from bad to awry when a young audience demanded that Oscar make her walk again. The audiences started throwing things at Oscar when he declined since he's just a magician. Oscar ran to his caravan and found his true love waiting for him. After a brief conversation, he was chased by some rogues and Oscar crash-landed into a hot air balloon, taking his opportunity to quickly leave the rogues. Unfortunately, a tornado loomed, taking Oscar and the hot air balloon to a far, far, away Land of Oz where he is identified as the Wizard of Oz who will restore order in Oz and destroy the evil witch.

TBH, I had high expectation of this movie after watching the trailer. Unfortunately, it turned out to be over-rated and so-so only. Honestly, James Franco is not the right actor for this role. He doesn't 'own' Oscar and it felt forced, not genuine enough. Thankfully, the witches fared better and the 3D was beautiful. Story wise kinda slow and only exciting towards the end.

Rating: 6/10   

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