Friday, 8 March 2013

100 days

Dad's mourning period has lapsed... last Monday was the 100th day.

It seemed like yesterday when dad was stretchered to the ambulance... an image I cannot rid of. The day my world crumbled down... as though it was a nightmare but it's one which I will never wake up from, living my life with a missing piece of the puzzle... my missing dad.

He has left a void in me, making me feel vulnerable at times and earning for him in others. I know it's his time to leave this miserable life which is for the better but as I have mentioned before, I'm not ready yet. I still miss him but I guess it will fade as time goes by. I hope I'll be ready by then too, able to let him go fully.

These past few months, many good things and wonderful moments have happened, and I liked to think dad has a hand in it. I'm forever grateful that he's still looking after me even in his after life. I'd like to think that he's my guardian angel now. For whatever reason, I know he's in God's good hands and I'm in his. I do hope he finds peace and serenity where ever he is and may God bless his soul for eternity.

Dad, thank you and I love you. You are always my mind wherever you are, for now and forever.

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