Friday, 15 February 2013

My Valentine...

It's a quiet one this time, just food to salvage our hunger! Yeap, after years of marriage, gastronomy is the best gift of all!

Pre: had dinner here upon returning home from hometown. It dawned on me then it's our pre-Valentine dinner LOL! This place happens to be our favourite Malay/ Thai food restaurant as the food is really good especially since the cook has a vast years of experience. He can whipped up anything and still remember our preference i.e. less spicy, no beef broth, etc. Well, he and hubby are BFF...
Deep fried fish in soy sauce and stir-fried Padprik @ Restoran Ole Ole
Post: I actually thought we were going home straight since hubby finished work late and most places would either be packed or closed. No bookings, no plans, nothing! So when hubby suddenly detoured to Puchong, I raised an eyebrow... thinking where we are heading to. A lot of guesses in my brain as we passed by some of our usual joints but it was all wrong! We ended up at Bumbu Bali and they were still bustling with customers! Hubby ordered 2 dishes so that we can share and I was shocked at the HUGE portion!
Bali Trio RM45
Seafood Platter RM38. Longo & Sincini Pinot Grigio RM18
The food was good! Meat was tender and succulent, overall yummy and delicious for the taste buds... even the white wine was smooth, thankfully! We enjoyed our food but alas, the portion was huge thus we were filled to the brim! The only one I didn't enjoy was the sate lilit which tasted like otak otak and unfortunately, I'm not a fan so it was 'muak' (too much) for me *burp* I liked the ambiance, dimmed lighting and very romantic,  especially the interior which was like a replica of everything Bali.

Our total bill was RM117.15 inclusive of 6% government tax and 10% service charge. A little over the top but the staffs here were friendly and service was prompt so it is worth your while.

Even the money tray was unique! This handicraft represents a hand... sorry forgot to use flash here
A contemporary Balinese bistro - according to their receipt
It was so thoughtful of hubby to even bring me somewhere for a Valentine dinner. It was totally unexpected of him since we were tired and I was sick... been having running nose for a few days now! I'm so, so, so touche! Love, love, love him for it!

Oops before I forget and becoming lovey dovey... the restaurant details in case you want to try it:
Location: 18, Jalan Persiaran Puteri, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong

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