Thursday, 28 February 2013


A much delayed post as I was busy *go figure*

Anyway, there's nothing much as we were not celebrating since we are still in the mourning period (for 100 days since my dad passed away). Just a simple yet memorable get-together.

We went back to collect our Angels on the eve and boy, they were so excited! Especially since they have been harping to see 'yee yee' (Aunt Alvina aka my sis). We went over to mom's house on the 1st day of Chinese New Year for lunch.
Home-cooked food! Yummy!!!
After lunch, we headed to Sunway Pyramid as mom wanted to get something. We just jalan jalan, had tea, watched lion dance at the concourse and then it was time to rush back for a Skype con-call with our Aunt Jo in England! It's been a while since we last saw her and she was excited! Especially since meeting Angels for the first time! All thanks to technology! Anyway, dinner was at a mamak restaurant, near bro Ryan's new house as we wanted to visit it for the first time! Well, most Chinese restaurants were either closed or pricey so we opt for the obvious choice lah... mamak's price remained summore, no increase leh!

2nd day, lunch at mom's again as we have invited grandma and Uncle Rick over for lunch. Hubby also cooked and brought 2 dishes over ^.^
Another round of yummy lunch!
A mini family album
TBH, so missed dad here...

Well, after lunch we headed back to hometown, sending Angels back and also spent a couple of days with In Laws. Hubby always enjoyed this moments as he would play mahjong with MIL and FIL... definitely a bonding, quality time well spent.

Since we didn't celebrate hence a quiet yet sombre new year... nothing much to shout about. As mentioned earlier, more of a quality time spent with family. Really appreciate these quality moments.

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