Tuesday, 15 January 2013

MPOV: Swensen's Cafe Restaurant

Before dinner, we had a walk in Empire Shopping Gallery. The nice Christmas decorations reminded me of Alice in Wonderland! It's soooooooo huge! Angels totally enjoyed taking photos with all the giant sized props!

Once famished, we headed to Subang Parade for food. At first we thought of TGIF but once we heard the loud music, we switched to Swensen's as it's much more family oriented and quiet. What we ordered:
Twisty spaghetti kid's meal with orange juice RM9.90
Baby beef burger kid's meal with orange juice RM9.90
BBQ half chicken RM21.90
Crabmeat Fried Rice RM28.90
2 sets Mr Big Smile ice-cream RM9.90 each
Overall food portion was just nice and everyone enjoyed it very much except for me. My soft shell crab tasted of stinky oil! Honestly, it spoilt the whole dish for me! Even Hubby agreed! Not sure what they did to my crabby :-( Thankfully rice was edible so I ate everything and left crabby behind... really can't swallow it.

Total bill was RM99.45 inclusive of 10% service charge, a tad pricey with the kind of food we have ordered. Luckily, the whole experience was a blessing as we had fun and enjoyed every moment once we stepped into the restaurant. We definitely made the right choice with the right ambiance too and they even have free WiFi! Now to think of it, I should have asked them to change my crab o.O

Location: G30 Subang Parade

Rating: 7/10

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