Thursday, 3 January 2013

MPOV: InHouse Cafe

We stumbled upon this cafe while looking for a place to have a late dinner. It was quite crowded so we thought it could be worthwhile to try.

Huge portion! Even Tyger couldn't finished it!
Tyger's Pork Rice in Bucket
The usual suspects for a hot night!
Ice-blended Chocolate Chip and hot honey ginger
A tad salty for Princess' liking...
Pork and salted pickle noodle
Huge portion and a tad salty too...
Ying yong noodle aka Cantonese fried noodle
Overall, nothing exceptional or interesting for the varieties of food and drink. It's similar to other 'char chan teng' in the market with the exception of the big portion and perhaps a slightly better service. Similar concept i.e. free WiFi which explained the crowded cafe, such 'char chan teng' is over-commercialized nowadays thus nothing unique. Furthermore it's mushrooming too fast with too many in the market.

Warmly lit ambiance added to the homely feel which will encourage more customers to lepak longer ^.^
Total bill RM55.35 inclusive of 10% service charge and HK Style Milk Tea cold not in pix above. It's average in pricing for a 'char chan teng', just to fill the tummy up and surf the net. Of course there are others which are cheaper but their WiFi service could be bad... give and take lah!

Location: 23G, Jalan 10/1E, Taipan Triangle, UEP Subang Jaya
Rating: 5/10

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