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MPOV: Fifty Shades of Grey

Anastasia Rose Steel's life is about to change upon a chance meeting to interview entrepreneur Christian Grey on behalf of her housemate, Katherine Kavanagh as she's ill. She's nervous as she didn't do a background check and Katherine also didn't provide a profile before this interview. Upon entering his office, Anastasia tripped and fell in front of Christian, causing much embarrassment to herself especially since Christian is so young and handsome! As the interview progresses, the attraction between them became more apparent although Anastasia couldn't grasp it as she believes she's just an ordinary girl and Christian is a handsome, successful businessman who can have any beautiful lady he wants. Katherine thought otherwise as she could hear the mild seduction between them on the interview recording. One day, Christian turns up at Clayton where Anastasia works part-time, on the pretext to buy some DIY. As Katherine's article is still short of a photo, Anastasia took the opportunity to make an appointment for a photo shoot. Christian takes the opportunity to have coffee with her after the photo shoot and slowly but surely the attraction between them became more apparent and kick-started a relationship which both of them did not anticipate.

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I accidentally downloaded this novel in my e-book and deleted it. Yeah, deleted it then regretted my action as I later found out it's quite the rage now. So I downloaded it again, not knowing what to expect as I didn't read the prologue, and this time I read it. Lo and behold, it's a book I couldn't get enough and soon after addicted to it!

It started innocently with how Anastasia Rose Steel met and fell in love with entrepreneur Christian Grey. It's such a light read with much humour in it! As the story gets more intense, it became more intriguing, erotic and so damn hot! Especially when Christian's dark erotic side surfaced, causing discomfort for Anastasia as she's a virgin and also issues in their relationship. I enjoyed how the author captures their journey, their relationship's  ups and downs, and the pace was just right. At the end, I was left 'hanging and asking for more'! I didn't know it was a trilogy leh since I didn't read the prologue! Thinking that all 3 books were not related! In the end, believe it or not, I bought the whole set as I felt it's worth keeping in my library *winks*

I will not be a spoiler and reveal all. You can say I got a better understanding of BDSM besides the usual vanilla sex. Honestly, it doesn't sound as bad and sinful once you have understand it (as long as you are not a sadist too). In fact, some of the elements are found in vanilla sex. Anyway, I'm on book 2 now, Fifty Shades Darker, and can't wait to read Christian's view in book 3, Fifty Shades Freed!

Rating: 9/10
Author: E L James
Category: this novel is classified as Erotic Romance so not for the young and faint-hearted

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