Tuesday, 29 January 2013

MPOV: Fifty Shades Freed

After a 3 weeks honeymoon around Europe, reality sets in as Anastasia will have to go to work the next day and face her colleagues as Mrs. Grey, wife of Christian Grey, new owner of SIP. With Jack Hyde in custody, Anastasia hopes everything will be back to normal but she was wrong. Ray has been admitted into ICU in Portland following a very bad car accident and Anastasia rushed to the hospital immediately. Christian followed suit and they stayed at Heathman Hotel, reliving their initial encounter here. Thankfully Ray wakes up from coma, although still not fit to move around. Christian surprised Anastasia with lavish gifts on her birthday (mind you a Cartier charm bracelet and a white Audi R8!) and a family dinner at Heathman Hotel. However after Ray has been transferred to Seattle, Dr Greene spotted Anastasia and warned her about her delayed shots. Before giving her the shots, Anastasia has to do a urine test after which she learnt that she is actually 4 to 5 weeks pregnant! This is something both Christian and Anastasia are not ready to face yet… with Christian going into a rage, leaving Anastasia alone upon learning the news. This is the start of their many troubles before their beautiful ending…

Finally, the last installment of Fifty Shades! It’s a joy to read, filled with love, wits and anguish… kept me on my toes especially the harrowing experience when danger lurks! More dramatic too. Totally immersing, so intense and heart-wrenching… more so of Christian’s views and insight to his shaded past, a closure needed to end this trilogy.

I’ve just chanced upon the many mixed reviews of this trilogy, well, it’s either you like it or hate it. Some said it was written badly, some hated the erotic sex/ BDSM, etc… well, and all I can say is that it’s just a fiction erotic romance novel… nothing else so please don’t set the bar high for it! For me, as long as it is an immersing, enjoyable, good read will do.

Finishing all 3 books in less than 2 weeks! Marathon reading (except during working hours ya)! I haven’t done this in ages! Phew! It was tiring but feeling melancholy and void now after finishing the books =.= Should I re-read it? The urge is there… damn! Must control it!

Rating: 9/10
Author: E L James
Category: Erotic Romance

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