Tuesday, 1 January 2013

3rd morning of wake

A very busy Tuesday morning as we had prayers before cremation, right after breakfast. Sayadaw U Rewata from Subang Jaya Buddhist Association performed the final chantings and prayers. It was a solemn morning, knowing that dad will be cremated. Perhaps, it was also the last time we see him in human form. Mom cried her heart out as we see him for the last time. I felt hollow yet glad that we are able to fulfill his last wish. Also glad that I was able to have my last chat with dad, although one sided.

After a short ritual walk of sending him, with a heavy heart it was time to let go of dad, seeing him off to the other world. It was so difficult, so hard as I have had him for 40 years! Amidst my tears, I saw my brothers crying too... finally letting it off their chests. They followed through to the cremation but not me. I just couldn't bare to see the flames engulfing dad's coffin. After that, it was all over. So fast, it felt so surreal, like in a movie or something.

After that, we quickly changed and rushed to Sau Seng Lam Temple to place dad's tablet there for 49 days. A Taoist ritual, to ensure more prayers and blessings for dad's soul, wherever he is. Like I said earlier, a mixture of Buddhist and Taoist. If mom has it her way, it would have been a Taoist funeral with the full blown prayers including a permanent tablet on the altar at home. Definitely something dad wouldn't like.

Once completed, we headed for lunch nearby. It finally sank in my mind then, dad has finally left us in his own way and his own term. Something he has always believed in which bro Ryan also mentioned during his memorial speech the night before. Sad but true. It may have been surreal but glad that it was all over. Our next mission was to scatter dad's ashes at Cameron Highlands, his final wish to be fulfilled then, which will be updated in the next post.

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