Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Nostalgic November

A very much delayed post especially since it has been a tumultuous few weeks for me, with dad's passing and keeping myself busy with work/ biz. Anyhow, not forgetting some interesting things that has happened last month, from food to angels...

To kick things off, my gourmet indulgence! An interesting deco for a Thai style fried fish, delicious Australian nougat thanks to Lisa Beauty, my fav tau sar pneah thanks to Kenny and my fav cheese naan ^.^
Was home during 1 of the Public Holidays so I got busy in the kitchen for my Angels :-)
Graffiti at Taman Jaya LRT station
 Princess was cutting her nails when I spotted her wearing her specs, looking like an elderly lol!!!
 Towel tablets anyone? SIL Anna brought this back from London o.O
Ho! Ho! Ho! Every year without fail, this house is beautifully decorated and lit up for Christmas!
Last but not least, antique baby chair made of bamboos!

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