Friday, 28 December 2012

A day at the Zoo

This was one of Princess' birthday wish, to visit the Zoo. Don't ask me why but she has been pestering us for this trip =.= Finally we relented and took leave for this day trip.

Obviously, she was delighted and happy whilst Tyger was a little grumpy due to the heat and sudden downpour ^.^ I've made a photo-blog of that day's outing, for easy posting and also to avoid overloading this post with photos.

To kick-start the day, our breakfast! We actually wanted to eat Wan Tan Mee but it was closed so we headed for the next best here... Chee Cheong Fun!
Next, Zoo Negara!

Honestly, the condition is bad, dilapidated and the animals definitely need more care. After being charged RM62 (Citizen adult: RM25, children: RM6) for the 4 of us, I would have expected a much better experience and facility. Most of the animals were either lazy, hungry nor there. The amphitheater was leaking badly as it rained when we were there. Even the tram car is chargeable now so no free ride! Even KFC has been replaced by The Wild so we had to scout elsewhere for lunch.

After a tiresome, hot and humid afternoon, we headed to 1 Utama for food! Another Princess' wish, BBQ Plaza for late lunch ^.^

A wonderful quality time albeit some grouchiness and tantrums. Wished the day was longer but what more can I asked for... it was totally memorable after all!

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