Thursday, 20 December 2012

2nd day of wake

The image of paramedics struggling to get dad on the stretcher is still vivid in mind until today. It was really a harrowing experience for me. Each time I heard the ambulance whining passed gives me the goosebumps. Even when I witnessed others enjoying their quality time with their parents will definitely bring tears to my eyes. Only God knows how much I missed him and really wished I could turn back time. Of course I can't and can only appreciate what is left behind, his legacy, his sacrifice and his teachings.

2nd day was more laid back as everything was in order. We were told to come later as usually no one will turn up early to pay their respects. How wrong they were as for 1, we forgot to inform our cousin Dennis to come later (he's helping us with the 'white gold' collections) and 2, dad's friends actually turned up before 9am =.=

We reached 10ish after breakfast. So malu. Luckily, Dennis and dad's friends were forgiving *phew*

Other than that, the day passed by effortlessly. We got to know many of dad's friends whom we've not seen before. They saw the ad we posted in The Star (thankfully we opted for half page which was totally worthwhile even though it costs a bomb!) They saw, they came, they conquered! LOL! No lah... they left with a saddened mind, knowing they have lost a good friend :-(

We had Mahayana Buddhism prayers for the second night, the masters were recommended by the undertaker. It was honestly a daunting yet funny night! Only the children and grandchildren were required during the prayers so mom and hubby escaped what we were about to endure. We were made to hold a lighted incense the whole time and mind you, at times it was really smoky and it got into our eyes! When it nearly finished, we were relieved thinking 'yes, no need to hold jor!' but it turned out we had new ones to replace the finished ones *fainted*

We were also required to kneel and stand for a few times, reminded me of some exercise sessions! We were sniggering, trying to stifle our giggles but forgetting that our reflections were on the window panes and the masters would have seen our naughty antiques!

At some point, we had to kneel down in front of dad and after a while, our legs cramped! It was a mere 5 minutes or more and I thought I was going to topple! I had a hard time kneeling, shifting my feet underneath while swaying a little. Then I realized I wasn't the only one *phew* It felt hilarious as we were all struggling! After a while, bro Ryan suddenly straightened up (erm... kneeling but in L position - half kneel? - where we felt much better) and all of us actually followed!!! It was like a domino's effect!!! LOL!!! In actual fact, he was merely changing his leg positions a little before kneeling down again!!! But since we had followed, he stayed at that L position!!! The whole time, I kept telling dad in my heart 'sorry for the naughty antiques but we couldn't helped it'. I know he would understand and probably telling us 'told you I didn't want all these craps!' o.O

Anyway, it was an interesting night, a memorable one especially since it's been a long time since we were naughty together *grinning* Sis kept asking how come hubby escaped!!! LOL!!! Even both Tyger and Princess asked the same! Lucky daddy schucks!!! Not sure if any of the guests had noticed our antiques but they sure do behaved like nothing has happened.

So glad that even our relatives from far North came, either by plane or car. Thank you so much again for coming. Really appreciate your thought and kind gestures.

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