Monday, 19 November 2012

School concert 2012

Finally, we were able to attend our angels' school concert 2 Tuesday's back, a once in a lifetime chance since our schedule is usually tight and off target. I was so happy, felt alive even though I was actually dead tired! Honestly, after the concert, my tired bones were yelling 'rest' and 'sleep'! Mind and limbs just couldn't function properly!

Anyway, some memorable pix from the concert ^.^
My Tyger
My Princess
Other performances and speeches... yes, there was Oppa Gangnam Style but Halal version LOL!
Tyger's prizes!
All in all, entertaining yet hot and humid with memorable instances. So happy and proud of my Angels *happy sigh*

The best part... I have just discovered Photoscape! Totally loved this app and Hubby has been using this for ages but conveniently did not tell me about it =.= I was searching high and low for a photo app which can place a watermark and a few photos in 1 page. Started with Paint to Microsoft Office Picture Manager to Picasa then Live Writer and finally stopped using any of those... just plain Blogger without what I want. And then... Hubby just told me about this app when I was getting frustrated and annoyed >.<

I know I know... I sounded like I'm ketinggalan zaman... whatever! *waves hand* Better late than never!!!

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