Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ombre October

How I wished I could colour my hair ombre *wishful thinking* For sure, it's not cheap doing it at salon. Furthermore it needs a lot of maintenance... or else I'll end up looking like a zombie!

Anyway, October has been a colourful month for me hence the ombre thought ^.^

First off, some memorable pics... we were cruising KL one night and managed to capture some night shots... some were badly shaken thus only these 2 were uploaded...

Nice BB/KLCC arch
So late still so jam!
A nice cuppa Starbucks' Cappucino, thanks to Tony!
 Saw these sea 'aquarium' creatures in 1 of the Chinese restaurant in Tropicana City Mall... unbelievable!

Catman! He loves cats, seen him feeding all these cats even though they are not his!
Last but not least... so beautiful! *wishful sigh*

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